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What Is Camo Sniper?

Camo Sniper stands out as an exhilarating tabletop game that challenges players to showcase their tactical prowess and marksmanship. With an emphasis on stealthy maneuvers and strategic planning, this game offers an immersive experience for players seeking a blend of excitement and skill.

The Game Rules Demystified

  1. Objective of the Game:

    • The primary goal in Camo Sniper is to accumulate points by successfully completing covert missions and eliminating designated targets.
  2. Setup:

    • Arrange the game board on a flat surface, ensuring all players have a clear view.
    • Distribute the game pieces, including sniper cards and mission cards, to each player.
    • Designate a scorekeeper and ensure each player has a clear understanding of the game components.
  3. Mission Cards:

    • Players draw mission cards that outline specific objectives, such as eliminating a target without being detected or completing a mission within a time limit.
    • Each successful mission earns players points, contributing to their overall score.
  4. Stealth and Strategy:

    • Camo Sniper places a strong emphasis on stealth and strategy.
    • Players must navigate the game board using tactical movement and choose optimal vantage points to achieve mission objectives.
  5. Sniper Cards:

    • Sniper cards introduce a unique element to the game, offering special abilities or advantages to players.
    • Timing the use of sniper cards strategically can turn the tide of the game in a player's favor.
  6. Detected and Elimination:

    • If a player is detected during a mission, there may be penalties or obstacles introduced to impede progress.
    • Successfully eliminating targets without detection leads to higher point rewards.
  7. Winning the Game:

    • The game concludes after a predetermined number of rounds or when a specific point threshold is reached.
    • The player with the highest accumulated score emerges as the master Camo Sniper.


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